“I’ve been curating top level speakers and keynote presenters for 13 years. Greg Hemmings, has a delightful ability to weave together experience, knowledge, and words of wisdom with passion and humour. His authentic core driving principals are clear and his ability to communicate, connect with, and inspire intimate or large audiences is among the best I’ve seen.”

Yarrow Kraner

Founder: HATCH Experience

Greg was the impact speaker for TEDxUNB 2017, he was excited and committed to the event from day one. Greg’s talk left the audience captivated and created a conversation surrounding the “love economy”. Greg provided a much-needed perspective on transitioning away from an economy focused on greed towards conscious capitalism.

Ryan Cobb

Speakers Director - TEDx

“During TEDxUNB, Greg Hemmings provided a captivating presentation on the power of film and storytelling, highlighting a documentary his film company, Hemmings House, created on the influence of music studies for underprivileged youth in Venezuela. The theme of the TEDx event was ‘Igniting the Spark’ and I can say with full confidence Greg did just that, leaving the room incredibly inspired.”

Sara Taaff


“You know that rush of excitement you feel right before a celebratory event like a birthday party or the wedding of a close friend? This is how you feel when Greg shares about the power of storytelling and impact. Like you’ve been invited to a special party where you never want to stop dancing. Greg offers his full self to the audience. We will invite him to speak as often as we can.”

Julie Fahnestock

B Storytelling / Social Venture Network Hospitality Suite Retreat Speaker Organizer

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Geoff Trotter

Chief Development Officer - Sustainable Brands

“Greg was the closing keynote speaker at our Future of Marketing Event.  After a full day of speakers and networking it is not easy being last up. To sum up Greg’s talk he grabbed people’s attention right from the beginning. His performance was amazing as he allowed the audience to go on a journey with him following his passion, step by step.  As a passionate visionary, he left the audience transformed with new ideas and teachings.  Great job Greg!”



Robert J. Viamari

Owner/Publisher - Cape Business Publishing Group

“We partnered with Greg to bring his terrific film the Millennial Dream to people across Canada. It triggered wonderful discussions about how local communities can create inclusive prosperity. We did so because our purpose is to support entrepreneurs – people who are absolutely critical to building that inclusive prosperity.” ​

Craig Ryan

Director of Corporate Social Responsibility - BDC

“Greg Hemmings is an engaging and entertaining speaker who lights up a room. His lively presentation combined with a fine and punctual work ethic make him a terrific choice for a group of any size.”

Bryan Welch

Chief Executive Officer - B the Change Media

In just ten short minutes, Greg used his wonderful footage and a compelling narrative to share the El Sistema story and the power of documentary film with the SOCAP audience. His commitment to using film for positive social action came through loud and clear!

Lindsay Smalling

Producer and Curator - SOCAP

“Greg is a moving, humorous speaker who is able to capture his listeners attention with his passionate stories and video. He inspires others and encourages them to do more for their communities and others.”

Jessica Smith

Project Management Institute

“Greg was chosen as our 2014 Person of Influence because of his involvement and influence in re-energizing our city. Everyone who meets Greg loves him. His personality and positive attitude are contagious and he truly is an inspiration to everyone around him!”

Judie Domokos

Executive Director - Brighten Group

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